Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 2011 Westly-isms

In the interest of future laughter for our family, I'm recording some Westly-isms recently shared on FB, here.

Westly has a "coloring board" that will sing and make all kinds of loud noises when it's colored on. Awhile back the batteries went dead (yahoo!!!) and I never replaced them. 
Today Westly asked if we could put new batteries into it, and I responded vaguely that I didn't know if we had any batteries ready (we use rechargeable). He gave me a look, walked over to our battery drawer, and pointing at his head, said "You have to THINK. Let's check the drawer. See, there ARE batteries. You have to THINK Mom!"

Oh dear. 
Needless to say, I am currently listening to singing and all kinds of loud noises as he colors.

Just now, I was in the shower and Paul was feeding the kids a quick dinner as the day didn't lend itself to a big family dinner by Yours Truly.
Westly and Paul were playing and Westly stole his Daddy's water cup, "I gonna keep it for-ever!!!! I gonna hide it!!!"
Paul reached for the cup, laughing, and in a moment of instinctive "fight or flight" Westly threw the contents of the water cup onto Paul rather than relinquish his prize.
Their eyes locked, both wide. Paul struggling to hide his laugh of surprise. Westly scared he was in trouble.
But apparently humanity overcame fear, because Westly raised his arm, pointed at Paul's wet shirt and pants, and laughed uncontrollably!

This has been another "funny, but wrong" moment from the Higgins' household!

Yesterday while Briella was napping Westly came running toward me hollering something about being three and very loud (;) I gave him my best mean mommy whisper, telling him to talk quietly while Sissy is sleeping. He stopped short and stared up at me saying,
"You just talked like a snake at me, Mommy. That's very bad. It's very bad to talk like a snake."
I corrected him, "No honey, mommy was whispering. And snakes aren't bad, they're nice."
A small argument then insured, him insisting that snakes are bad and me saying if you are nice to them they will be nice to you.

When I walked into his room a few minutes later, he looked up from his children's Bible, pointed at the picture and said,
"See mommy, snakes are bad. He made her eat fruit. Snakes are bad."
I stared down at the illustrated Bible, dumbfounded. Did my son just take me to God's word and correct my "theology".
Yes he did.

Am I thankful to see my son already searching the scriptures to lead others to truth? Yes!
Am I worried about my ability to win "arguments" over the next few years?

wow. we are having quite a day .
paul and west were laying on our bed finding shapes in the ceiling texture. i tried to join them and was told "You have to get out mom. You a gurl."

in an attempt to soften this mean little man i pretended to cry as i walked out of the room. my faux-bawling was interrupted by a shout-

insensitivity must be genetic. unfortunately i'm afraid those may have been my genes :/


It's bad, man. Don't do it.

Both my son and my husband got nerf-y, shoot-at-you, gun-kind-of-things for Christmas. The "don't shoot people rule" has had it's day, and it was a good one. But that day is over. I understand and accept that. I've had to, since Paul is usually the one doing the shooting.
There are limits, though. Ask Westly anytime, anywhere what the one rule is about guns and he'll tell you... "DON'T SHOOT GIRLS!!!!!"

I'd like to think we are raising him well ;)

Having a baby dance party to Audio A's Underdog album! I showed Westly how to dance "the monkey" and he showed me how to dance "the lion" ;)
Sissy is just giggling and wiggling :) Westly also instigated freeze dancing when the music is stopped (by him of course!) Loving a day with my cute, clever little boy and sweet girl!