Friday, December 6, 2013

Ginger Bread Snow Day Documentary (with hilarious video ending!)

Today we were snowed in! After my dad dropped West home from school (the mini-van doesn't do snow) I figured this would be the perfect day to fulfill my promise of a gingerbread man to the chillins.
West has been learning about the story at school and brought home a book/audio story.

{listening to the audio story while baking}

Things got a little dicey during the baking process, especially when it came to peeking at the not-quite-finished product. But in the end, the oven prevailed and produced a blessedly lifeless, but still adorable ginger-fellow.

{mom-version finished product}

{kid-version finished product}

After a day filled with eager anticipation we decided to partake of the cookie-man and some natural soda during a family movie night. 

{... they may not have understood the concept of an edible ginger-friend}

2 minutes after that...

As you can see, eventually our children came to terms with the circle of life. 
The night ended well and full of ginger-cookie goodness:)

{anyone think we should try for another AFV clip?}
{just kidding!}

Stay safe out there this weekend!!!