Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some of the most precious moments of our lives...

Daddy snuggling both his babies first thing after West came home from almost a week with Grandma and "Bopa". 
Holding "she-she" (sissy) for the first time. It was so amazing to see the wonder on his face as he realized this was a little person, with fingers and toes and a nose just like his.  
Trying to hug her :)
Sweet baby girl :)
Lovin' sister! Whenever he sees her he runs toward her saying, "Hi she-she!! Hi she-she!!! SHE-SHE!!!!". Repeatedly, and usually very loudly :) God has blessed us with a mellow baby girl, who is also an excellent sleeper. The perfect compliment to our wild West!

Thanks Lord, for my wonderful family!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Briella Rose Higgins

Time of arrival: 7:58am
Birth Weight: 7 lbs (same as West)
Birth length: 19.25 in (over 2 in shorter than West, she's our chubby little bean :)

After a week of trying and failing to find time to post about our newest family member, I realized I have an entire 2 hours at my disposal! In half hour chunks. In the middle of the night. Yay nighttime feedings!

I am very sorry I haven't posted earlier. Here, though, are some highlights from our hospital stay so you experience it right along with us!
Lots of blonde hair
Westly's first visit. He was excited to see us, but it scared him to see me in the hospital bed.
First glimpse of baby sister
Family of four, together for the first time!
Loved her first bath
Tired Daddy snuggling his princess
Great Grandma Grace
Three men and a baby :)
First kiss (of many) for baby sister. He is just in love with her :)
Giving baby loves
Out for a family walk
Fun games with Daddy on his 3rd visit
Going home

We are loving life this week, Paul still has one more week home before he returns to work. Thanks for your prayers, everything went so well. Our hospital stay felt like a relaxing vacation, and returning home has been even better, but more on that another time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Post Before Baby!

Our baby girl will be here in less than a day and a half- we start surgery at 7:30am Friday. That said, this will be our last post before we reach "family of four" status :)
First off: 
Paul completed his bachelor's degree!
Two weeks early! This is such a big achievement for him, and us as a family, but it has been a bit buried under the arrival of baby girl.
I am so proud of my husband. Three years ago in August we were married and 3 weeks later we found out West was on the way. Paul, at age 20, not only loved me me through that turbulent and tearful first year of our marriage (which still surprises me, considering my attitude and actions), but was transformed by God into a solid spiritual leader who still patiently and gently points me toward truth when I'm being ruled by emotion. He also worked 2 jobs and attended school double-time. When Westly was born my amazing husband continued to grow into an amazing daddy. We became a team- both of us working full time, him going to school, and both learning how to be parents. Since October 2008 Paul has been working full time at Corban, which allowed me to stay home with West (such a huge answer to prayer), and in Feb 2009 he began an accelerated program at Corban to finish his Bachelor's in Business.
I am so amazed to look back on how much he has accomplished, what a strain these last three years have been for him, and to know that through it all he never sacrificed being a godly leader and husband, my best friend, or an involved and helpful daddy. Instead he sacrificed his sleep, his leisure time, his hobbies, himself- and I am so grateful and admire him so much for it you would see me blubbering if I tried to say this in person.

Thank you, Sweetie. You did it! The trials have been really hard at times, but because of them we love and know each other so much more deeply than on our wedding day. I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

*Deep breath*
I also wanted to share a few last minute updates for baby girl, but they feel pretty insignificant now!
My friend Tara made this mobile for me, it is soooooo adorable. I tried, but I really can't do it justice in a photo.
Still, isn't it the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
This one I made to be our girly's night light. 
It's a tree, but I can't seem to show that in a pic. Oh well, I really like it. You will all just have to drop in and visit us after she arrives and see everything for yourselves!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keepin' Kool with the Higgins

It has been hot. In our AC-less apartment, really hot. Momma and Westly-man have been working hard at staying cool, and hanging at the grandparents' houses in the evenings with Daddy to help my really-pregnant self not die. Or give birth. Either way. 
Borrowing Daddy's toothbrush! Shhh, don't tell :)
Juice bar at the MacCollin's
Such a little ham- too bad he didn't realize where the camera was!
I know I said no pregnant pictures, but as we are less than a week away I won't have to see how huge I am for long :)
And there's little girl for you! 
6 days people! Unless she comes earlier, as she threatened to do yesterday. 2 hours of contractions 3-5 minutes apart- I was getting a little nervous as she has to be a C-section. The doctor recommended shuffling our mischief maker off for a few hours so I could rest, and hopefully stop things progressing further to avoid being monitored at the hospital. What do you know, within an hour they had all but stopped. Tip for those wanting to go early- chase a two year old boy in 100 degree heat! Thanks mom for taking him on such short notice.