Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some of the most precious moments of our lives...

Daddy snuggling both his babies first thing after West came home from almost a week with Grandma and "Bopa". 
Holding "she-she" (sissy) for the first time. It was so amazing to see the wonder on his face as he realized this was a little person, with fingers and toes and a nose just like his.  
Trying to hug her :)
Sweet baby girl :)
Lovin' sister! Whenever he sees her he runs toward her saying, "Hi she-she!! Hi she-she!!! SHE-SHE!!!!". Repeatedly, and usually very loudly :) God has blessed us with a mellow baby girl, who is also an excellent sleeper. The perfect compliment to our wild West!

Thanks Lord, for my wonderful family!!!

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Family of 5 said...

Love those moments! They change so fast! Especially when they go from saying, "sheshe" for sissy to her real name! Then you know they are growing up! :)