Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keepin' Kool with the Higgins

It has been hot. In our AC-less apartment, really hot. Momma and Westly-man have been working hard at staying cool, and hanging at the grandparents' houses in the evenings with Daddy to help my really-pregnant self not die. Or give birth. Either way. 
Borrowing Daddy's toothbrush! Shhh, don't tell :)
Juice bar at the MacCollin's
Such a little ham- too bad he didn't realize where the camera was!
I know I said no pregnant pictures, but as we are less than a week away I won't have to see how huge I am for long :)
And there's little girl for you! 
6 days people! Unless she comes earlier, as she threatened to do yesterday. 2 hours of contractions 3-5 minutes apart- I was getting a little nervous as she has to be a C-section. The doctor recommended shuffling our mischief maker off for a few hours so I could rest, and hopefully stop things progressing further to avoid being monitored at the hospital. What do you know, within an hour they had all but stopped. Tip for those wanting to go early- chase a two year old boy in 100 degree heat! Thanks mom for taking him on such short notice.


Family of 5 said...

Wow only 6 days left! Please put us on a call list to let us know so we can come visit you! Can't wait to meet her! Praying for lots of rest and coolness...:)

Acker Family said...

I knew you were close to having that baby, but I didn't know HOW close you were!! SO exciting! Praying for you and the upcoming arrival of your sweet girl! Can't wait to see what she looks like!