Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Morning Fall

Time: 6:30am
Setting: Handsome- out with guys for breakfast and disc golf; monkey #1- waking up to Monster's Inc.; monkey #2- sleeping in

...she pulls back a curtain covering the large front window and takes in the beauty of a rainy October morning in Oregon... 
...and is inspired. 

"Pumpkin waffles. Today's the day." 

Fortunately, she's been obsessively pursuing her favorite foodie blog,, and yesterday found just such a recipe. Yum. Pulling out the dozens of necessary ingredients for successful "everything-free" baking, she fights back dark memories of foiled attempts at gluten-free waffles past. This time will be different....

Twenty minutes later she may or may not have broken another waffle maker.  


Not to be deterred by failure, or long distracted by the cute confusion of her son mistaking the baby's denim skirt for a pair of shorts....

...she adds a bit more water to the mix and resurrects pumpkin pancakes from the (literal) ashes of failed waffles. Ohhh- Perfection. 

Rainy morning, Peet's Coffee, pumpkin pancakes, and maple syrup. Does October get any cozier? I submit that it does not.

Good morning fall.

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Family of 5 said...

Ahh...fall!! We welcome you with open arms!