Monday, November 15, 2010

An Amendment

After mulling over my last post I felt led to make an amendment.
Although lately I have been struggling with feeling (like Job) that God is picking on me a bit, I know that I have nothing like Job's claim to righteousness. Meaning that although my body and mind are physically at the end of what they can handle, God may very well be trying to teach or correct me through it and I want to be soft to that teaching. Even though it's hard, and right now it stinks.

I also wanted to add that whatever God is trying to do in my life through these trials, I am surrounded by friends and supporters who are nothing like Job's counselors. Over the past three days we have had three families bring us allergy-safe meals or groceries, a doctor friend make an emergency Sunday house call, four friends offer to clean my house, a very wonderful friend take on some projects of mine that must be finished within a few short days, and numerous people helping and offering to help with caring for our children while I can't.

I'm ending the evening unable to sleep, but having spent time soaking in God's Word, and feeling chastened, stretched, and encouraged. Thank you all my awesome family and friends, and thank You Lord God for surrounding me with people who love me.

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