Monday, June 27, 2011

Briella's Courage

Both of my children are a constant source of inspiration and thought. Along with stress, fatigue, frustration... 
but today mostly thought :)

Thursday morning Briella woke up, and when I went to change her diaper I found that an older scab on her knee was surrounded by a swollen red area, with some faint streaking up her thigh. Panicked I called her pediatrician and they rushed her in to have it checked out. Her scab, which had yesterday appeared to be healing normally, was infected and had begun to abscess. The doctor informed me that it needed immediate draining, and she would have to begin a course of antibiotics to stop the potentially deadly infection.

Obviously, I had to allow the doctor to do what was best for her, but my heart tightened at the thought of the numbing shot in my little girls hurt knee, and then the knife he would use to drain it.
The nurse and I laid Briella out on the paper-covered table, as the doctor prepared his tools. She was obviously afraid. Sissy always has a sunny smile for anyone interested in sharing it; now her chubby baby face was somber and she stared straight at her mommy with wide, frightened eyes.

But she didn't fight us. She held my hand and trusted me so absolutely that she allowed the doctor to pierce her little knee with nothing but a flinch at the pain, and only cried because it hurt. No anger. After it was over Briella laid her head on my shoulder and sniffled for a minute, but then everything was forgotten and forgiven. She held no grudge and was all smiles again by the time our appointment was finished.

Over the past few days I have been so impacted by my baby's courage and trust. It is such a beautiful illustration of our relationship with the Father.  At times we see trials looming, we sense that pain is about to begin. We can choose to fight, or we can look straight into the eyes of our heavenly Father through scripture, hold to our faith in His promises, and trust our best is always in His heart. He is our Rock, our comfort during and after the storm, and He does this with absolute perfection (which is so much more than I can say for myself as a parent!).
We are so blessed :)

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Joshua and Mallory said...

So glad she is okay!! Love her smile :)