Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life update and new baby photos

Hey friends!
Sorry I haven't posted more photos of Briella. To be honest I haven't been able to take very many, but I got some sweet ones of her awake today.

I love her pretty eyes :)

We've had a rough go of it around here lately- all kind of related to food. I've been dealing with some pretty major migraines, which could be due to post-partum hormonal issues, or could be my lovely food allergies resurfacing after lying dormant during my pregnancy (oh joy). Either way, I'm having trouble fulfilling my mommy duties. We discovered this weekend that West's allergy-safe graham crackers changed their ingredients to include soy, which accounts for the mystery rash all over his legs and him being (ahem) a bit of a psycho since Paul went back to work. And our sweet Briella is beginning to show signs of a milk (or something) allergy- tummy trouble, not sleeping well, and a bloody diaper rash.  It kills me to see her hurting, but I am so thankful we know what it is this time around. I still struggle with guilt over not figuring out West's food issues earlier, my poor baby lived in pain the first year of his life. I'm dairy-free now for her, and taking this week to prepare to start on the allergy-diet for me next week.

But today was a much better day for us all. We hit magic day four since taking the soy out for West and he didn't have one tantrum all day for me; it was so nice to have my sweetheart back! I was able to keep the migraine under control and had a good meeting with my doctor, and little girl seemed to be doing a bit better. 

Also, Paul applied last night for a position as a park ranger that we are both very excited about. His qualifications fit like a glove and it's a job he'd really enjoy. And we could potentially buy a house on the salary. It will probably be months before anything really happens there, the State moves so slowly on applications, but it was still very encouraging. We would really appreciate prayer for this opportunity, and for our health issues at this point- specifically that the allergy diet would take care of them for mommy and baby. Paul has been wonderfully filling in where I can't keep up, though. God's got us here for a reason!

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