Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Years!!!

These past 2 months have held a lot for Paul and I- the birth of Briella Rose, his graduation from college, and our third wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was actually on the 18th, but life has kept me from blogging earlier :)

We had an amazing time out together to celebrate, made possible by the Williams' generously giving us many hours away from the kiddos. We went for a bike ride at Mento Brown (one of my favorite things!). The weather was perfect and Paul planned it- he's so sweet :), had a long quiet dinner outdoors, and caught a late movie. Sooo relaxing. Our first real date after the baby.

I thought I would post a few wedding highlights :) It feels so funny to look back on that day after so much life has passed in such a short time! Wonderful memories, but I do feel a bit like I don't know the people in the photos anymore!

Quite possibly my favorite wedding picture
Check out Paul's hair! I loved it though :)
My entourage of best buddies. So much fun :)
First moments as husband and wife
Love isn't love without kissing and cake :)

I'm so glad God brought us together when He did. I can't imagine life without my best friend, favorite person, perfect match, lover, leader, and soul mate. 


Acker Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Love looking at those photos-such sweet pictures! And how great that you got to go on a long date!

Family of 5 said...

Yay! Hope you guys got to do something special...3 years! You guys have come so far! :)