Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Isn't she beautiful?

I know I'm a bit partial, but I think my baby girl is pretty. God gave her such a lovely personality; so sweet and smiley and loving to anyone she's with- even at just 2 1/2 months. None of us can help being in love with her :) 
Check out those eyelashes. She's so fair you can't see them unless you're close. 
We are so thankful God chose you for us Briella :) I can't wait to know you more as you grow into the girl He made you to be!


amanda said...

YES SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! SUPER cute!!! :) :) :) I pretty much love that little doll!!

Family of 5 said...

Such a sweetheart! I love being able to hold her once in awhile! Gives me my baby fix! :)