Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Big Praises

Yes, we are still out here, and we have been doing more than taking a few pictures and posting them with no explanation at all :) These past 3 weeks have finally seen a resolution to the health issues I mentioned in an earlier post. After going on a diet free of dairy, wheat, eggs, and avoiding onions, peppers, beans... for weeks, and with absolutely no result, we made the hard choice to switch to formula. We tried regular, soy and lactose free, and found a winner in the last one. No more diarrhea, vomiting, bloody diaper rash, hours of screaming, or facial rashes. Sorry, reading that I realize it's a little graphic. She is doing wonderful now. Sleeping better and growing a lot faster than Westly did. She's now 10lbs and 23 inches, and so sweet and smiley :) Even though I do really miss nursing, I feel good knowing we exhausted every option before making the switch, and seeing how much better she's doing now.

us playing with photo booth tonight :)

My insane diet for her sake wasn't in vain either, in the process we figured out some combination of wheat, eggs, and dairy were causing my killer migraines- which for a few weeks were an almost daily occurrence. I am so thankful to feel healthy again, and to have a healthy baby. Her first month and a half were full of some pretty intense trials, but now I feel like although I may not be able to totally keep up with Westly (he is two, after all) I at least stand a fighting chance :) God's timing is perfect too, this week is the kick off of our ministry year, we will be working with the mid-high youth group and are really excited!

Now for the biggest praise of all..........
We found out this afternoon......Paul got a job as a Sales Rep at Aramark!!!! He starts in two weeks and will be working under Aaron Greene. We are fully aware of how hard it is to get a job in this economy, let alone begin a career path within a month of graduating college, but God has provided both, along with an awesome boss, and we feel so blessed.

Thanks for all your prayers these past few years. It feels like we are beginning a new stage in life. To God be the glory, we would be a wreck without Him and the family of believers He used to supported us!

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amanda said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! AAAAH I am soooooooo happy for you guys! :) LOVE YOU!

~The beefcake