Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Halloween thru Christmas

A little late, I'll grant you, but here's a few super-cute highlights of what went on while our camera was out of commission...
 The astronaut and the chili-pepper... I think that sounds like the makings of a great children's story! 
Or not :)

Christmas Party at Great-Grandma Susan's

"Papa Paul" (my grandpa) collects train sets and my grandma collects porcelain houses... 
Westly was in heaven!

 Operating the train all by himself! He was so proud :)

My grandparents have a lot of acreage and have raised llamas and kept horses for years. We always take the kiddos out to visit when we are up there :)

This is Briella's first encounter with an animal of this size! I love her face! It made me dig up a great photo of Westly's first time up here, he wasn't much older than Briella!

 I love these cute pics of my brave boy :)

 Daddy and West playing on the haystack

So there you have it! We DID exist October thru January 2010!!!
Thanks Mom, Dad, Amanda, and April for all your contributions!

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