Saturday, January 29, 2011

D-Team Event: AZ Pop Can Drive!!!

The Judson-Walker girls D-team went out collecting pop-cans this afternoon to raise money for the AZ mission trip! It is so cool to see these girls getting excited about supporting the high schoolers :)
(L to R) Emily Pucket, Ashleigh Barrett, Molly Pucket, Sarah Denny

First house, no one there :(

Silly walk :)

 A Sophie Chica and Ashley and Elliana Strom of arriving late (please take note of Lauren's reflection)
Savannah Wassom showed up a little later too :)

 We split into 3 groups to cover more ground

First Blood!

A LOT of cans!!!

Maybe bending the rules for a couple of blocks to Winco :)

We collected over $70 in cans!!!

Treating the girlies to some LimeBerry to celebrate :)

Collected during our journey

We've uncovered a slight gummy-worm obsession among our D-team

Wonderful time of laughing, bonding, and serving. We love you girls!!!

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Amanda MacCollin said...

IT LOOKS LIKE SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! Ah! Congrats on the money raising! Praise God!! :D :D :D
LOVE YOUuuuuu!!!!