Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Briella Rose Higgins is 6 Months Old!!!

Briella turned 6 months on Sunday Jan 16th, and we had her 6 month check up on Tuesday. Everyone at the doctor's office commented on how sweet she was and how HUGE she is!! She is now 17.5 pounds and 27 inches tall- that's 2 ft 3in, that's 75% in weight and 98-99% in height for her age group. To give you an idea of scale here, Westly was 2 ft 10in at his 2 year check up. 

She is rolling around like crazy, easy reaches and grabs anything she wants, laughs, babbles (I could swear she has tried to say "hi" a few times), *almost* sleeps through the night, smiles all the time, and has us all wrapped around her pudgy little fingers :) 

A new development, just as of this week, is crying because she is mad. Up until now she has only cried when her little heart was breaking, but she is now learning to hold her own against big brother!!! When he takes a toy from her this girl lets out a wail that brings me running pronto, sure Westly has maimed her at least! It really freaks Westly out and he usually gives her back whatever she wants as soon as she calms down enough to grab it. It's bad, but I can't help laughing every time! I'm sure I'll get sick of the "drama" eventually, but right now it's hilarious to see our little sweetheart learning to work her brother already!

Catching a snooze on the couch :) She looks so long in this photo.

When I got her dressed this morning, I was struck by how grown up she looks in this "little girl" outfit. This inspired a photo shoot, and I really couldn't choose, so I posted them all :)

I love those big innocent blue eyes :)


Joshua and Mallory said...

I love how opposite Briella and Eden are! Eden's stats are always in the low percentile...we need to put these two together on Friday. She is so pretty :)

Connie said...

She is such a sweet baby! I just love her! It's awesome that she is learning to hold her own against big brother! It's a good skill to have to be able to show protest when someone does something you don't like. Maybe just learning to do it quieter will be the next thing! :)

paulashley said...

Connie- you're right except she started doing it to me today! As her little face screwed itself up and turned red as a result of me taking away the vacuum plug I thought to myself "Well, that just stopped being cute!".

(but i secretly didn't mean it because it still made me laugh :) oh dear, my little girl is going to be so spoiled- I even think she's cute when displaying her sin nature!)