Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life as we know it...

We got a new camera Christmas Eve! So that is where our photos begin :) 
(Please forgive some our photos being a little blurry- we have been doing some experimentation with different camera settings :)
 Westly's gift this year! We scored this huge (not even close to everything is shown) wooden thomas the train set and table on Craigslist for $100. Yay!! 
 This is us at 4am Christmas morning after cleaning our house and setting it up! (Yikes! did we really do this every night in college?)

 Westly seeing the table for the first time :)

He LOVES it :) Plays with it for hours every day! 

West's other BIG present! May be a *little* too big for our apartment. Oh well. We will just have to buy a house, then!

 Christmas morning at my parents. 
 Hmm, not sure...
West got playdough for the first time! 

 My dad being way too cute with his grand-daughter :)

Aunt Martha and cousin Austin with Sissy

Christmas Dinner with Paul's Family
Westly's "focused face"

 Cousin Meghan with Briella

The Uncles (nice face Peter :) 

back to life as usual...

Scrubbed and tubbed... 

Life with West :) This boy is on the MOVE!!! 

So sad this photo is blurry! Auntie 'Manda being silly with Briella :) She came over for an evening with April to watch Dr. Who. Interesting show....

This would be my son having rice "cookies" (rice-cakes) dipped in syrup and jelly for breakfast. At his request. And yes- he is drinking the syrup in this pic.
Westly LOVES watching the bread machine working :)

Snuggle time :)

 West is such a good brother :) He really loves his sister and is very good at understanding what she wants, and making her smile. I do think this girl will be tough though- he never means to hurt her but he is a 2 year old boy...

We went on a 30 degree walk one morning. I set Briella down for about a minute... do you think she was tired?

 Toddler-with-a-binkie sighting! We may be regressing...

I'm going to have to do a Halloween through Christmas Eve post in a bit... once I collect the photos from various relatives :)

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Connie said...

Those little ones are so precious! I love Westley drinking the syrup!