Friday, January 14, 2011

Law of parenting #505

Law of parenting #505: The more tired the parent is, the more energy the two year old has. 

This would be why some animals eat their young. Scientifically proven fact. Look it up. 

This morning I am running on 3 hours sleep. Anything under 5 is unholy in my opinion. So rather than lovingly cuddling my son as we woke up to a movie this morning, I am more tempted to run screaming "Stop talking! Stop making noise! Stop moving!!!! Please, please, please!!!!!" as my child rolls his hair in his jellied toast, talks hollers non-stop, and jumps on my back blowing raspberries as I try to type this post. 

I am in need of help. Supernatural help that only God can provide. Praying this morning for patience, love, and a Spirit-led, thankful attitude toward/about this precious boy God has placed in my life. And for a break in the rain so I can unleash some of his energy on the neighborhood :)

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Connie said...

I love his wild, wide open eyes. Sort of proves your point! :) YOu are an incredible mom, hang in there and keep praying!