Friday, August 5, 2011


......I'm here to report I lied. I guess I'm just not ready for a home tour yet, because posting about it has held about zero fun for me.
So I haven't.
That probably makes me a bad blogger. But, since this blog is really about what I want to write about, I don't care!

What I DO want to write about today is (in my opinion) pretty fabulous, though!!!
We painted our house yesterday on the outside! 
Here is a before photo of our old, drab, and very tired looking little home.
Kind of pitiful, huh?
Yesterday, we pressure washed, painted the trim and garage, removed the ugly storm door, and hung a super cute house ornament. 
The result?

I seriously get a little giggly whenever I look at the before and afters!
The best part? This project cost us $30 total. We had a bucket of paint in the garage leftover from the previous owners, all we bought was the star. Obviously, there is still work to be done; planting in the flower bed under the window, and completely replacing our super weedy lawn in the next year or two (and then actually watering it), but I feel proud to own this home now :) 
For today, that is all I have to say.
But how about one more seriously cute photo for the road?


Joshua and Mallory said...

YAY!!!! You guys are moving so quickly on updating your cute house. Maybe I'll have to hire you to come over and do mine too ;)

Connie said...

It looks awesome!!!! I love the star!