Friday, July 22, 2011

$3 Topiary Trees

I had a lot of fun with this project! When I set up my new TV stand I knew I needed something on either side of the TV. To take away from the TV-ish-ness of all it all. Anyhoo...
I've always thought topiary trees darling around the house, so I set out for my local Craft Warehouse to begin channeling my inner moss ball.  (Wow, Ash, feeling a little weird today?
Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the perfect balls on sale for $3 a piece! 
And I'm just saying, if you are at all interested in this little projecto, hustle on down there- they are clearing out their Spring stock. Or wait another year. Up to you.
I decided to use some mason jars I had for the pots, but if you have none check out Goodwill.
 $.29 ea. Seriously. 
 Next I poked around our local stick emporium (aka my yard) for some sturdy little trunks. West helped me fill in dirt around the stick. So much fun to include the littles :D
I trimmed them down to size with clippers, and then attempted to carve points.
 After a little trial and error, I found clippers are good for the basic point and taking off any nubs that could hinder the moss ball, but you'll need some sand paper before it will come together smoothly.
 I used a shish-kabob stick to give myself a little opening to work with. Whatever you've got on hand will work though.
Push the stick into the hole you've prepped and you are through with the "tough" part!

I felt like the jars were a little plain on their own so I tied some scraps of fabric around the middle and then decided to add a bow around the neck. I'm thinking some spanish moss would look great around the base of the "tree".

Two pieces of scrapbooking paper glued around a toothpick. I call this Westly's bird as much because he loves it as because he's already destroyed twice :/

The finished product :)

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Family of 5 said...

Super cute! I want to make some when I get home! Love it! Your doing such an awesome job!