Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living Room

 Hello again! 
I thought I'd start the home photo tour with the living room- it's the nerve center of our little home and I've just finished a week of getting busy with the projects in there ;)

I've surprised even myself by taking not only a before picture of our living room, but an entire video!!!
Check out the big room two weeks after we moved in.
(And on the day of West's b-day party, no less!)

Now before I reveal the entire room as it is now, I wanted to walk through my recent projects. 
Hence, this photo of a very functional, yet very brown desk. This was a wedding gift from a friend, so I've hesitated until now to alter it...

....but no more!!! If you remember from the video, a little wooden cabinet, paired with white Billy bookcases were our old entertainment center. Wasn't working for me. So I worked with it.

I can't tell you how good it feels to get something right in this house!
This feels like me. Well, like us ;)

Tomorrow (or the day after) I'm planning to post a short tutorial on how I made my little topiary trees for $3 each! So easy, and sooooo easy on the budget!!! 
Stay tuned!

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