Friday, July 1, 2011

A Look into the Future... Hopefully :)

Most of the time I am so content with being in our home as it is- ok to wait on the zillions of projects that are hopefully in our future. Today for some reason I can't enter our backyard without seeing everything I want to do to it. So, in order to process my frustration at being utterly unable to begin ANY my projects now, I'm going to share my plans... in the form of photos altered in Word by an absolute amateur. Namely, me.

A big (around $6000) project that we hope to start next year is adding a bathroom and walk-in-closet to the master bedroom. The yellow box gives you an idea of what that will do to our yard. 
Then I want to pave the white area, and store our woodshed (pictured later) and garbage cans there.
 The X-ed bush is coming out and in it's place will go a raised planter (like the ones below) so I have a place to garden!

The edge of the woodshed is in the upper left corner.
The ugly chain link, and tilted wood fences will be replaced with a pretty one like this... 
 ...and then I want to hang flower baskets  like these along the chain side to add color that Westly and his sidekick Sissy can't destroy!

The fence at the far end of the above pic will be extended out and around our other side yard, pictured below. 
(above: over the fence, below: from the other side of the fence) 

So there you have my hopes and dreams for this yard of ours!!! least as much as I have time to share about today :)

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