Friday, July 8, 2011

OH I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Ok- to be brief: I've resisted pinterest because I seriously didn't want to get obsessed with ANOTHER online time-taker-upper. And I still don't. But I kind of did. But I'm not going to spend a ton of time on it. Except today.

BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you've visited our home you've probably heard the plans to add on an upstairs master suite, and turn our current bedroom into a study room with a powder room on the far end.
Please check out.

The stairs, which I'm pretty sure should look like this...
...will begin where our garage door is now, from a mudroom I hope to build there. The stairwell will then be adjacent to our now bedroom, someday study-room wall. 
Now here's the beauty of this little plan.

I'm thinking our powder room needs to look like this:
In the wall, as opposed to out the end!
Hehehehehe! I'm literally giggling with glee right now!!!

And another idea, I'm pretty sure we could swing someday:
Our front room has a ginormous window, and a window-seat is calling to me. 

OK, my crazy excited rantings are now over. Thank you for listening now, since I can't tell Paul about it for at least another hour! 
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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