Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small update...

Thanks everybody for being so kind :) It really is a blessing to have so many people that care about us.

This update is pretty insignificant, but a bunch of people have asked to know anything new when we know. Our echocardiogram is scheduled for Monday, and after a talk this afternoon with my brilliant neurologist aunt, I now know that is NOT the same as an EKG, although we may need one of those as well. An echocardiogram is basically an ultra-sound of the heart. Also gleaned from my convo with Aunt Mia, cyanosis is actually just the name for Briella's skin (fingers) turning blue, not a disease. The discoloration is probably caused by a problem in either her blood, her lungs, or her heart. Since her blood work and chest x-ray came back fine, that (probably) eliminates blood and lungs. So Monday we begin the investigation of a heart issue. Still no closer to knowing what is actually going on, but at least I understand what we do know better :)

Feeling a lot better about everything today. I think my struggle over the speech issue with West was mostly do to finding out within an hour of hearing about what's going on with Briella. I really am actually looking forward to getting the help he needs, and trusting that we will be able to take care of things. And God knows how everything will turn out with Sis. He's taken us through so many trials in the past few years, and each one has given us another opportunity to grow as people, closer as a couple and family, and closer to God. Even if all that comes of this is a greater appreciation for my precious children and another opportunity to learn to trust my heavenly Father, I'm thankful for that.

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