Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 15

Week 15 Results... 

Week 13 weight: 178.9 
Current weight: 179
Weekly total: .1 pounds gained
All time total: 16.5 lost

I forgot to post last week. Oops. 
I don't think this weigh-in is a true reflection of my weight because on Saturday I was at 177. Last night was Easter dinner and when Grandma Betty makes lemon bars because she knows you love them and goes the extra mile to make them gluten-free, you eat the lemon bars. All to say, I'm not overly concerned by my lack of loss.

Aside from Easter, I'm back to carefully counting carbs to keep myself in ketosis. I noticed that over the last month of not being as careful I haven't had nearly as much success. 

I will not be checking in next Monday because we will be on vacation. My plan there is to eat as well as each situation allows, knowing that I can't stay gluten/dairy/egg and carb free while traveling. My #1 goal for myself is to avoid binge-type eating, despite the fact that I know I won't have cheese again for who-knows-how-long. If I accomplish that I will be proud of myself, no matter what the scale say when we get back :)

See you on week 17! 

Food goal: Sticking to my allergy food diet and low carb goals.
Exercise Goal: 3 days cardio for 30 minutes, 2 days strength training 30 minutes 

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