Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Briella's bedding!

(We still don't have an official spelling, I just thought I'd try that one today :)
Yay!!! We have a computer now, and it actually works!!!!! I'm a little excited. 
Alright, here are the promised pics of baby girl's bedding (I am a little ashamed of the photo quality involved here, I'm still not used to our "new" camera).

Here is the "before" of our pottery barn bumper.

And the "after"! 

A close up of the quilt

I am very pleased with the final product, it looks nice with our lovely new brown coverlet :) I got that addition a little early- it was supposed to be our anniversary present to ourselves (as the one we were given as a wedding gift was not doing so well), but my awesome friend Elle called me when she found the one I was waiting for on sale! Yay for great friends and nice husbands :)

Now a little survey- we have the middle name for our daughter narrowed down to the top three.
(We may spell it Joël to simplify)

Both Paul and I like all three, but after months of consideration we are no closer to an actual decision and are wanting some feedback from other people. Which is your favorite?

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Acker Family said...

Such fun bedding! You're so crafty :) I love the middle name Rose...but it's your baby so choose what you'd like! Can't believe she'll be here soon!