Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected Blessing

Well, the bedding is done, the crib is set up, I’m very pleased, but I can’t share it! The reason is a mix of trial and unexpected blessing that I wanted to share-

Paul is super close to finishing school, 3 weeks or so until his actuall classes are over. During the last year and a half that Paul has been in this super-accelerated online program  we have lost 3 laptops. One was a “lemon” and spent more time getting fixed than at home during its final year. The warranty eventually replaced it. One was my macbook, which was an awesome computer that gave us no problems. But even in it’s low-maintenance loveliness it could not stand up to a glass of water poured on the keyboard by our 14 month old. The third and final laptop was the replacement for Paul’s original. It was never the best of computers, but recently it stopped turning on and we were in danger of losing all of Paul's work and his means of finishing the program. Phil Shultz was able to salvage what we needed (thanks Lord), but we were still out a computer and this one wasn’t going to be fixed or replaced for free. Poor luck with computers. Needless to say, we will soon be purchasing an external hard drive.

My parents graciously loaned us an old mac tower, and for now it allows Paul to continue turning in homework, but for numerous reasons (including being unable to upload photos) it is too old to work for the long haul.

So we ordered a new computer. Not something we wanted to spend the money we’ve been saving toward a house on, but God has already provided for this need and we’ll trust His timing on the house. We bought a mac desktop: the mini (for those of you who are curious, here’s more info).
It’s small, which is nice, and a much better computer than what we’ve had.
Now the unexpected blessing: When we ordered the computer online we entered our card’s security code wrong. That, along with the fact that we don’t normally spend so much at once were reason enough for the card company to suspect our card was stolen and freeze all payments. Instead of a message that the computer had shipped, we were told the payment hadn’t gone through and the shipping was delayed.

But, that same day it should have shipped, Apple released a redesigned mac mini, and because ours hadn’t shipped they upgraded us to the new design (several hundred dollars more expensive) at no extra charge! A “God is funny” moment. If we had ordered a day later we would have spent several hundred dollars more. If we hadn’t made a typing error while paying, we would have received what we ordered and known no different. Completely out of our control, God decided to slip in a little extra :) Thanks Lord!

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