Saturday, June 26, 2010

Catch up

We are getting closer and closer to baby girl's arrival- less than 3 weeks!!! This past week has been a frantic race to get essentials done (allergy safe food for West, washing necessities for baby, packing) because little girl seems a bit more ready to make her appearance than West was at this point. With him, there were zero early contractions and he did the big drop only just before his due date. I saw Dr. Morgan this past Wednesday and baby has dropped and is in position for birth, and I'm having quite a few contractions daily. We are praying she stays put until the scheduled surgery date, but if not we are a lot closer to being ready for her arrival and West's 4 day stay with my parents than we were a week ago.

But I'm a bit behind on posting current events! July 16th our small group had a baby shower for us, planned and directed by my wonderful buddies Elle and Lauren. Everything was sooo beautiful- they matched our "nursery" colors in all the decorations. I loved it!!
I'm sorry about this picture Carrie, but it makes me laugh every time I see it!!!
Thanks friends for such a great shower and fun girly gifts! And thanks 'Manders for taking the pics for me :)

The next day we "ran away" for a few days of much needed family time. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Bend, staying at the Shilo Inn on the river. This would be the first real trip we've taken since our honeymoon. Wow it was wonderful :) The room was great- much bigger than we expected and the hotel had a big hot breakfast for it's guests every morning!
 The view from our room- there was a family of geese and a couple of swans that swam around right under us. West quacked at them whenever we went out on the balcony :)
Snuggling after his first swim in a pool, while Daddy watched the World Cup (we don't have actual channels on our TV, so this was pretty cool!)
High Desert Museum
We met a very friendly little chipmunk :)
Bald eagles- they are big birds!

Fun playground
Chasing Daddy in the rain- it was actually a warm, nice rain!
Our super cool ride :) We rented this bad boy in the old mill district and spent an hour riding beside the river- sooo relaxing. I love biking and miss it a lot in my current balance-challenged state!
(I feel a little like Jabba the Hut in these pictures- too bad I didn't realize how unflattering the shirt was before-hand!)
We did a lot more (swimming pool, fish hatchery, West's first time getting to eat a restaurant dinner), but were too busy playing to take pictures most of the time! I loved having a few days of relaxing fun, getting to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted together as a family.

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