Friday, April 22, 2011


Having a "parenting is just a fancy name for suicide prevention" kind of day. I mean, really. 
I was "indisposed" for two minutes {mommy's need potty breaks too!}.
What kind of sentient being sees a burnt out light bulb on the kitchen table and decides to see what happens if he smashes it on the ground immediately in front of his little sister????

And yes, I do realize I've already shared this photo on several occasions. I justify posting it again, because to me, it is the embodiment of the "other half" of my son's apparently split personality. The one who seems to come out when I'm not looking. For two minutes.

Thankfully, mommy was able to book it to the kitchen before said child attempted to "vacuum" the shattered glass while barefoot, using a rolling popper toy. Sissy's quick, but she was busy chewing on something considerably less dangerous than broken glass. 

My monkeys are safe, and another suicide/assassination attempt has been successfully thwarted. And I'm gonna need a nap today!!! :)

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