Friday, May 13, 2011

My Munchkins and the Move :)

Hello Everyone!!! 
Sorry about the radio silence for the past week and a half, but since moving I have had neither the time nor the inclination to blog. I do have some photos of our "home-in-progress" that I hope to share soon, maybe even in another post later this evening, but I love my kids more than this house, so they come first!

Rewinding a bit to Briella's first Easter. I'd been saving this dress for a special occasion, so I was excited she to finally put it on her! She is more than a little on the wiggly side, so I gave her a "mum-mum" to help keep her stationary- if not still :)

A few days after we moved in- my munchkin has been falling asleep everywhere this past week! 

The corner of our couches form a little nook perfect for West's "fork", or "fort" as the rest of the world would call it.  We just happened to find him like this- he set it up himself to watch a movie,
Attack of the sissy-monster!!!

This week we spent an entire morning in the backyard (our backyard!!!). Yes, this is me in my pajamas...wearing crocs... and yes it was past 11am at this point. I have no defense. 

Anyhoo- that morning I weeded the dirt....

...Westly threw the dirt...

...and Sissy ate the dirt.

It really was so special just being outside, not in public, and chillin' with my little ones.
Briella loves to pull up on our gazebo and peek at me through the bars :)

Such a cutie :)

The other day West helped sissy onto his ride-around truck and loaned her (read: forced her to wear) his hat. It was pretty cute to watch him pushing her around our giant living room :) These two have been spending more and more time playing together and getting along since we moved. I love it!
So you got a few sneak peeks of our new home- now on to blog about our recent projects! 

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Family of 5 said...

Yay!! I love the pics of your new home!!! Unfortunately it didn't work to come see this weekend...but soon!!!