Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Temple

I was reading John chapter 2 for my devotional time this afternoon, where Christ overturns tables in the temple because merchants came in and turned the practice of sacrificing to God into a money-making enterprise. I've heard this passage many times, but have never taken the time to dig deeper to see how it can be applicable to me.

This morning it pressed a question on my heart: "How sacred do I hold the things of God?".
Christ was zealous for the temple then because it was where God dwelt, He must be just as zealous for the temple of my heart, since the Spirit of God now dwells there. Yet, how many times do I sit around filling up the dwelling place of the living God with things that (right or wrong) bring no honor to Him?

Worse- God Himself died to cleanse me of sin to make it possible to live in my heart. And I've been struggling to even renew my mind day by day through time in His word. I need my God, I need His word, and my children are watching me. How can I so often forget that this life isn't just about me?

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