Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 23 Results

Week 23 Results...

Week 22 weight: 174
Current weight: 171.2!
Weekly total: 2.9 pound lost!
All time total: 27.1 lost

I beat the tired this week! Turns out getting adequate sleep and taking the occasional break during the day makes a big difference! The low-carb diet will continue.

I didn't technically hit my exercise goal this week (only 2 of four planned workouts), but I was extremely active. Starting my new furniture business this week had me running all day long (except the aforementioned planned breaks), plus we spent the entire weekend cleaning/organizing our garage to use as my workshop, and cleaning out our back shed (which had seriously not been cleaned out since 1993 according to the dates on paint cans we found inside!). Part way through the week I decided that although my workout goals were worthy, I had to listen to my body telling me that I was already pushing it. And judging by my weight lost, it was the right choice!

I'm going to continue to eat 40g or less carbs and restrict calories this week to the "sedentary" level. My body is used to it now and I really like seeing the scale drop so much! Don't be worried though, when I feel like I need it I add in a low-carb snack, even if it puts me over on calories- carb count trumps calorie intake on this diet. One cheat meal, same parameters. I think I can actually hit 4 days of exercise this week.  

Food Goals: Sticking to my allergy food diet (no dairy, eggs, or wheat) and eating 40g carbs per day or less. One cheat meal.
Exercise Goals: 2 days cardio for 20 minutes, 2 days strength training 20 minutes 

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