Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 6

Week 6 Results...
Week 5 weight: 191.9
Current weight: 188.4!!!
Weekly total: 3.5 pounds lost!!!
All time total: 9.8 lost

It felt really good to look down at the scale this morning! I changed a few things up this week that might have contributed to such a difference, the biggest of which was sticking perfectly to my allergy food diet. My doctor explained awhile back that my body can't properly digest foods I'm allergic to, something about them being processed as sugar and getting stored as fat. I think I believe her now ;)

I also changed the order in which I ate things. In the past I'd eat fairly lightly in the morning/ afternoon in order to save enough calories to eat whatever I wanted for dinner. I've been forcing myself to eat more "real food" in the morning (as opposed to protein bars or shakes) and save the protein shake for a late afternoon snack. This way I'm not starving by dinner which gives me better self-control, and calories to burn overnight when my body isn't using many calories. 

Last, I set My Fitness Pal from "lightly active" to "not very active". I did this mostly out of desperation to see some results because the last few weeks were pretty discouraging. I'm going to return the settings to their more accurate "lightly active" so I don't lose too quickly and end up yo-yoing :)

I had planned to allow myself a non-allergy food treat tonight, but getting such good results makes me want to stick with it, so gluten-free yakisoba it is :)

Calorie goal: Eating to lose 1lb, having only 3 "sweets" this week, and sticking to my allergy food diet. 
Exercise Goal: 3 days cardio for 30 minutes, 2 days strength training 30 minutes 

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