Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Party

We had West's party this last Sat at Riverfront Park. For simplicity's sake we kept it small (just grand- and great- grandparents). It was a bit overcast but felt nice outside; we ate cake, opened presents, rode the carousel, and visited. It was relaxing and really nice :)
Thank you Ana for taking pictures with our camera! It helped me so much and they turned out great!

Westly L-O-V-Eing his first cupcake with frosting
This was the first time he really "got" the present thing :)
Really, really wishing he could open this basket-ball hoop at the park
Playing with his new choo-choo
We did a few rides on the carousel. He loved his horsey
Mommy, grandma, and great-grandma checking out pics (great picture Ana!)
I love this bright motion picture! West had so much fun :)

The cupcake he was devouring in the first pic was a special one from a batch he and I made that morning. I'm sad I didn't think to get any pictures of them, they turned out pretty cute for everything-free! Vanilla cake and frosting with bright blue sprinkles (that he picked out, by the way). I let him lick the spoon for the first time (a lot of "firsts" that day!), here's some cute pics of our project.

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