Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Job Search Begins!

Just a quick note to say Paul has begun putting out applications! He doesn't technically graduate until July/Aug, but we've had several folks tell us it doesn't hurt to start now. I'm so proud of him! Working on his resume this week, the amount he has accomplished in the past three years is incredible, especially considering how demanding his personal life has been on a guy who will turn 23 this Sept.
Specifically, he is looking for something with the State that works with his BS in business, but doesn't have much of a preference where he settles at this point. Please let us know if anyone hears about a good opportunity, and be praying we are patient enough to end up where God want us.
Whew! It's actually a little scary to be looking at moving on- money may be tight where we are now, but it's familiar and life has actually been fairly calm and predictable this past year. Over the next six months we plan to have a baby, end school, change jobs, change ministries at the church (moving up to middle school from elementary), and, Lord-willing, buy a house. I've always been a little skittish with change, and it's all beginning now!

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Family of 5 said...

We will be lifting you up in prayers! God has been blessing you guys and will continue too! Keep staying faithful and follow His plan! And we are so excited to have you guys move up to Mid-high! :)