Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finishing up a busy year

We have finished the last of our weekly commitments for the year. *deep breath* This year has been a whirlwind: We both did men's and women's discipleship (Galatians study, Wed and Sun morn), young marrieds' small group Thursdays, teaching 3rd graders Sunday mornings (which we will continue until the baby comes), and serving as leaders in Club Rocksalt on Tuesdays.
Although we're both glad for a breather with baby girl coming, this year has been amazing. God surrounded us with such awesome people to serve and learn with. This was both of our first time teaching elementary age kiddos. It was a challenge and we learned a lot about how God has gifted us, but we built some wonderful relationships with the little guys and the other parents we were working with. Last Tues was our last night of Club Rocksalt, so we snapped a pic with our group of 5th (and one 4th) graders.

Yes, that is me squeezing one last time into my definitely-not-maternity Club Rocksalt t-shirt. I think everyone is glad that part is over! We were missing a few kids, but this is most of them. As crazy as they are sometimes, we both really came to love these guys. Next year we are looking forward to working with the middle school youth group, and hope to get to keep hanging out with this crew.
For now, we are enjoying free weeknights. Paul has also been able to work ahead in his classes, and will be absolutely finished with class work before baby arrives (almost a month ahead of schedule)! I am so proud of him!


Acker Family said...

Yay for free weeknights!! Soak it all in :) Can't believe your sweet girl will be here soon!

Family of 5 said...

Way to finish strong! We are thrilled to have you guys join the Cause team next year! What a great group of kids you had!