Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She's coming!!!!

Well, she's not coming right now. But I was struck today by the realization that we have only 2 months, just 8 weeks until she arrives!!!! Ah! I am now entering a state of giddy expectation accompanied by panic-driven hyper-productivity. This week I have washed every curtain in our home (including the hanging quilts acting as curtains), sorted through our clothing, and re-organized all of our storage closets-- and it's only Wednesday. I feel clean and organized, and I want to keep going. Am I nesting? :)

I am also getting down to business with a crib bumper I bought on Craigslist several weeks ago. It's from the Penelope collection at Pottery Barn, still running $69 new. I found it in perfect condition, along with a custom made matching crib skirt, together for $30. Super cute. I love the patterns, and you can't beat Pottery Barn style and durability.  There is one little thing though...

I am chopping it up. Yes. And sewing something else on instead. I fully acknowledge the Pottery Barn heresy I'm commiting, but hope that you will grant me pardon once you see the final product. In the end, I hope it will look great with the quilt I have already completed (to be pictured in a later post). There may be a lot of before and afters in the coming weeks, as I continue to compulsively get our home ready for our little princess.

I have discovered that, at least while Paul is at work, coffee, Tylenol, prenatal Pilates, and a Belly Band are a busy pregnant girl's best friends. I am utterly addicted to my 10 Min Solution Prenatal Pilates Workout. I look forward to it all morning, go through withdrawals if I miss a day, and I highly recommend it to anyone who also happens to be pregnant. Coffee and Tylenol are self-explanatory (and dr. ok'd as safe for baby), but the Belly Band is good not only for fitting into your pants, but also helping to support those over-stretched and tired ab muscles, preventing injury.
I am also very thankful for the prescribed, baby-safe, sleeping medication that is prompting me to bed right now. Goodnight!

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