Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Westly is 2!!!

My baby boy turned 2 years old Saturday. I feel a little jarred; we've been so busy since our wedding I hadn't realized just how fast time has gone. The little 6lb bean we swaddled so tiny in the hospital is now running, talking in sentences (although usually accompanied by a lot of jabbering), tells me where the "Blue's Clue" is before Steve notices it, and is 2ft 10in tall (complements of his well-child checkup today)! We had a little celebration together, with an only slightly bigger one planned with the grandparents later this month. Mommy is not up to coordinating big events at the moment :)
Ok, so the fire was scary, and he was little grumpy (not to mention messy), but Westly did enjoy his "everything-free" chocolate cupcake sans-frosting. Unfortunately, most frosting has powdered sugar and all powdered sugar has cornstarch. At age two, though, he was happy and has no idea he missed anything.
Our fun, relaxing day included a visit to Grandma Lori's while Mommy and Daddy had breakfast together.  Yay! Both grandparents' houses are more fun than Disneyland at the moment, so this was a treat for all of us :) The rest of the day was family time: playing at the park, napping together, rough housing with Daddy, using his new colors with Mommy, and all snuggling on the couch to watch Westly's favorite movie- Cinderella. Yup. Here though, it is refered to as the "kitty movie" (well, an "ahhhhhh" sound, a little like suffocating, is his word for kitty. Not sure why on that one). This is because his hands-down favorite character in the movie is the cat. Yes, the evil one named Lucifer. What can I say? He loves kitties.

Thanks Lord for such a great day with our funny, precious little boy!

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