Monday, January 2, 2017

Here We Go Again...

We've been here before. 

Me, deciding it's time to get serious about weight loss.
You, privy to my most embarrassing stats and journey to change them.  
Our first go-round was fantastically successful. 

We meet again.

Over the past year I've run into several compounding health issues that together caused me to put on about 30 pounds, all while dieting and exercising. My doctor explained that this was due to factors outside of my control and I was not to blame, but it was still infuriating, discouraging, and embarrassing.  She told me I had to wait 8-12 months to begin trying to lose it, because the main contributing factor was a problem with my adrenal glands and hard-core weight loss programs put a lot of stress on them. I have not always been very accepting of that recommendation. Eight months feels like a long time to fit in almost nothing I own and hate seeing myself in photos. 

It took took me about six of those eight months to make nice with this season God has given me. What felt like a curse I can view as a blessing because of how it's forced me to grow personally. I'm at peace with how I view myself, and I think that is key to weight loss success. Whenever my dieting attempts have been motivated by desperation I've quickly flamed out. The NEED for instant success does not produce staying power. 

I am now eight months into my health journey, and although I'm not quite 100%, I feel well enough to begin inching my way back into my favorite wardrobe items. 

Also, the Christmas cookies are gone ;)

Here's the drill:
Today I'm going to give you my current and goal weight (yes, I am about to post my body weight on the internet *gasp*), my exercise and calorie goals for the week, and a "beginning" photo of myself. 

Every Monday from here until I reach my goal I will update my weight, post my success or failure at that week's goals, and give a new weekly goal. Each month I will post a progress photo and repost on inches lost. 

So {deep breath} my starting weight is: 198.2
Goal weight: 160

"Before" Photo

Calorie goal: I'm going start by eating to lose 1lb, and having only 3 "sweets" this week. I'm going to have to watch my other health issues, so this goal may fluctuate according to how my body responds.

Exercise Goal: 3 days cardio for 30 minutes, 2 days strength training. 

So there it is! Wish me luck, I'll see you next week :)

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