Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 12 Results

Week 12 Results... 

Week 11 weight: 184.4 (weighed on Tuesday)
Current weight: 181.6
Weekly total: 2.8 pounds lost
All time total: 16.6 lost

(Sorry for the late post, we were running all day yesterday)

I mentioned on Facebook that going back on carbs was WAY harder than I expected. I immediately put on a few pounds of water weight, Week 10 (before going back on carbs) I was at 180.5. My blood sugar also went back to  it's previous yo-yoing (less fat/protein to steady it), and I was not ready for feeling so HUNGRY all the time! That combined with my "I deserve a break" attitude lead to bing-eating pretty much every day, each time thinking "this will be the last time, then I'll get back on track". I also felt really bloated all the time, pants that had fit the week before felt tight around the waist.

 I've lost two pounds since posting about going back on low-carb on Friday, so obviously most of the weight gain was just water. I'm glad I did this (even though over the course of two weeks I actually gained a pound) because it reset my priorities. I had started buying into the lie that I deserved treats, pasta, and bread because I wanted them. The truth is, people for thousands of years went without eclairs, and people all over the world are going hungry today. I have plenty of food to make my body strong and healthy, even if it's not as entertaining as it once was. I don't "deserve" even that. 

Since switching back I feel SO much better. I hadn't realized how crummy I felt before. With my new mindset and not feeling so hungry, it's been easy to stick to my goals, and I am now more prepared to make the shift back to "normal life" more successful after I hit my goal weight. 

Food goal: Sticking to my allergy food diet and low carb goals.
Exercise Goal: 3 days cardio for 30 minutes, 2 days strength training 30 minutes 

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