Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 9 Results

Week 9 Results... 

1 Month weight: 185.1
Current weight: 183
Weekly total: 2.1 pounds lost
All time total: 15.2 lost

Inches Lost
Waist: .5 inches this week/ 2.25 inches total
Hips: .25 inches this week/ 2.5 inches total

I was short one cardio workout this week, but hit all my food goals.
I've lost enough weight that my allotted calories have gone down, but on this diet I'm hungry less often so hopefully it won't be too hard! Still thankful to have been pointed towards a ketogenic diet! Dieting has always felt like a gamble for me so there's a lot of security in finding something I know will work for any weight-gain in the future. 

Food goal: Sticking to my allergy food diet and low carb goals.
Exercise Goal: 3 days cardio for 30 minutes, 2 days strength training 30 minutes 

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