Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's just so stinking cute!!!!!!!!

I love my son being 2 1/2. He's talking more and more, and trying to figure out how this crazy world works. And when he tells me what he's figured out it has me cracking up all day long! I cannot tell you how many times he's supposed to be in trouble but Paul and I have to turn around with our hands over our mouths to hide that we're laughing!!!

We normally try to go on a walk every morning to get his wiggles out, but this week has been too cold and wet for Sissy to be outside. A few days ago West and I went to the window to check how the weather was.  We were being super silly and play shouting everything we were saying-
Me: "We can't go for a walk, it's raining!!!!!"
West: "IT'S WAINING!!!!.........AND IT'S COUWD (cold)!!!!!!"
Me: "It's cold?!!!!"
West: "YAH!!!! WE CAN' WALK!!!!!"
Me: "We can't walk?!!!"
West: "OK!!!!"

Maybe you had to be there, but it was so cute and fun to hear him figuring this stuff out on his own :)

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