Sunday, December 19, 2010

our first (and hopefully last) call to poison control....

So, 10 min before we left for church this morning, my son walked in with an open bottle of rubbing alcohol saying "yuck!". After a panicked call to poison control, we found he probably didn't drink much because it's nasty and would have already have caused vomiting. We had to bathe him because it can be absorbed through the skin, and keep him within eyesight for the next 2 hours to watch for signs of drunkenness. Thankfully he seems to be ok.
How, may I ask, do they find the bottle of poison the one time you leave it out, and manage to climb onto the bathroom counter to retrieve it from the back corner where you left it? Is it some 6th sense toddlers have? Well, I guess every parent has to experience this once to be truly initiated as seasoned parents. I would have thought 500 dirty diapers counted for something.

One more question-
How do you tell if a goofy two year old boy is drunk? Is it when he begins to destroy everything? Is it when he can't hold still? Is it when he yells involuntarily? Is it when he begins rolling across the living room floor?

If so, there may be a great many drunk two year olds.


Erin said...

Ha! I love the thought of not knowing if you 2 year-old is drunk or not! That's pretty funny:) We've called poison control twice (both for Allie, which is exactly as it should be, if you know Allie AT ALL). Once for eating toothpaste - it says on the bottle to call poison control if it's been consumed. The second time was when she ate our dog's diarrhea medication! Turns out it's actually a people med anyway and it seemed obvious she hadn't eaten very much. Both times she was WAY old enough to know better... oh, the excitement of motherhood!!!

amanda said...

Scary! Glad everyone's ok :)

Acker Family said...

I called poison control for Lily 2 times when she was Westly's age! I think it's just a thing parents go through. I was getting worried that the poison center would start knowing me by name! Luckily, we haven't called in a very long time. I'm just waiting to see how long until we call for Jameson! You are not a bad mom -just doing the right thing :)