Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I hope no one is offended, but I'm excited and wanted to share...

Westly used the "big boy potty" for the first time last night!!! 

He missed completely, and this morning stood by the toilet demanding more chocolate, while refusing to sit, but this is still a big step for us! He is growing up so fast, and this makes it all the more real. 

A few other fun Westly facts...
He is now 2 1/2

He stirs cookie dough and spills less than mommy!

He is afraid of the lizard puppet on the Baby Einstein videos, and hides when it appears

I entered the room the other day as he was saying, "Uh oh, Sissy cold", and found him tucking her in with a (clean) pair of Daddy's boxers :)

He loves the Photo booth application on Daddy's computer:)

If mommy or daddy pretend to eat one of his toys he thinks we really did, tries to get it out, and cracks up when we "spit" it back out!

He prays for God to keep him safe from "hoo-hoos" (owls) almost every night

Whether walking or driving, he knows when we get anywhere near either of his grandparent's houses

He loves to tickle :)

He is a wonderful big brother, and loves helping Briella play with toys, suck her binkie, or buckle her car seat. He is also the first to hear her cry during the day

If he needs help he yells "Hel', oh hel'!" We're working on getting that "p" in there :)

He always organizes his blocks, cars, crayons (anything) by color, shape, and size

And now he needs his mommy!!!

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Family of 5 said...

Cute and fun!! And you and Amanda look so much alike in those photo booth pictureS! :)